Thoughts - An Original Poem

Thoughts – An Original Poem

Howdy there, dear readers!

How are you doing?

Here in South Carolina, it’s finally cooled down. I’m loving it! I’m so happy to finally get to wear fall clothes, burn my apple- and cranberry-chutney-scented candles, and sneak pieces of candy corn. It’s lovely!

I’m jumping in here to share a quick poem I wrote a few weeks ago. I hope it brightens your day!


They barge into my mind without consent
And set about to feeling quite at home.
They trash the place but never pay the rent,
And bring their baggage with them when they roam.

They keep the lights on, burning through the night,
And string up spider webs across the walls.
They stir up trouble, glad to start a fight,
Then run and dance and yodel through the halls.

They’re loud and selfish, immature and rude.
If I don’t kick them out, I know I’m screwed.

So out they go – I’ll think of them no more.
I’m tired of the damage they unfetter.
I’ll kindly show them out through the back door,
And lease my brain instead to someone better.

What’s something you’re looking forward to this month? 


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8 thoughts on “Thoughts – An Original Poem

  1. You are so creative Ellie, I like your poem a lot! I can relate to it. You describe unhelpful thoughts really well, I like how you ended it on a positive note saying you’re letting them go. Miss you!

  2. Ellie, I love this thought you’ve brought up that we can choose who/what we “lease” our mind out to just like we would choose the perfect tenant for a rental house! Brilliant! The feeling of being out of control echoed through the lines so well in the first half of your poem–I actually felt jittery and tense as I read the lines and I resonate with those feelings when I let my thinking get out of control! Thanks for a great reminder. Love you, Mom

  3. I love this poem! I think our minds must work in similar ways. I’m always saying to myself, “Self, why are you thinking about this.”

    I love you, Miss Ellie! Keep these wonderful poems coming!

    1. Thank you so much, Mrs. Pat! Yes, I sometimes feel surprised at the things that can pop up in my mind out of nowhere! You are so kind. I miss and love you!

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