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Hi, my name is Ellie.

I love deep thoughts, brilliant plots, and haunting melodies that linger in your mind.

I love selfless actions, wide open spaces, and the way my family sticks together.

I love Jesus Christ, who set me free.

I love the vastness of the sky, the beauty of a clear rain, and the wind when it ripples the grasses.

Most of all, I love the God who gave me all of these things.

He fills my life with wonderment.

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5 thoughts on “Meet The Blogger

  1. Hi Ellie- it’s Kristine next door and I absolutely LOVE your blog!! I too, like words, especially big ones and I love music so therefore, I enjoyed reading your blog! Your song “Come Home” is very pretty and made me cry because it reminded me of Ian being away at school and I miss him so much! I will be following your blog from now on 😊🙏

  2. Ellie I love your new bio so much I think it describes you perfectly and it’s beautiful! You’re gorgeous that’s a wonderful picture of you! 🙂

  3. Hello!
    I’m excited to tell you about my brother’s blog. You should totally check it out!
    If you have a second and feel like commenting, it would make his day! You’d enjoy it, too 😉
    He’ll be putting Lego creations on there, music, animation, book reviews, and a whole lot more 😀
    If you’d like to see his wicked awesome blog, go to
    Have fun!
    Ellie 😛

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