Bloom, Baby, Bloom: A Soliloquy & A Song

Bloom, Baby, Bloom: A Soliloquy & A Song

With all the social activities of life toned down and traveling taken off the docket, it’s been a rather quiet year here in 2020. And it has pointed up to me something rather startling, something I’m not sure I knew about myself until this year. I haven’t learned how to be happy. I didn’t know it, but for quite a few years now, I’ve been depending on outside sources to […]

What Dreams Are For - An Original Song

What Dreams Are For – An Original Song

Hello, dear readers. I hope you’re well and doing okay through this crazy time! I’m definitely thankful that I get to be with my family while we’re all trying to stay home. It makes it much easier to keep on keeping on having people I love here to talk to. What’s something you’re thankful for during all this craziness? I wanted to share a song I wrote about wrestling with […]

Rush - Album Cover

Rush – An Original Song By Anna and Me

Hey, there, What have you been up to this week?  Anna and I wrote a pretty silly little ditty last week, and I wanted to share it with you! We named it “Rush” and took a crazy photo of Anna for the album cover. I hope you enjoy it! Rush By Anna and Ellie Cummins   Lyrics: I feel a rush of emotion When I see that prairie grass motion […]