“Pat-A-Pan (Wille, Bring Your Little Drum)”


Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Hi, All!

A family friend asked us to do our own arrangement of his favorite Christmas song, “Pat-A-Pan.” (Thank you, Mr. Sunny!)

He sent us a fantastic microphone and we set to work!

Here’s our arrangement of the song, with Dad on piano and electric guitar, Micah on the penny whistle, and Kyle (a drummer programmed in GarageBand) on drums. 😀

I hope you like it!

19 thoughts on ““Pat-A-Pan (Wille, Bring Your Little Drum)”

  1. Love !!! We seriously need to have us some singin’ time during our family’s next trip to the States 😊 Merry Christmas and love to all of you !

  2. I loved it! Your voice, Ellie, sounds so Irish here (must be the Connolly come out). Bravo, dear family! Yes, do make a CD.

    1. Thank you, Aunt Kay! I read Mom your comment and we both laughed. I’m honored to show the Connolly side! Thank you for being so supportive of our music! We love you.

  3. Thank you for posting this. It melts my heart to hear you singing, Ellie. And, Micah the penny whistle is just incredible. All together–just such a blessing. What a gift you all have and how generous you are to share.

  4. Beautiful! Ellie, I’m sure you don’t remember us from Messiah/NewSpring but we have so enjoyed your blog and your mom’s occasional posts, keeping us all informed on the Cummins family! We are Blessed for having known your family and thank you for sharing the Blessing of music with us!

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Kathy! You are so encouraging to us and I’m pleased as punch you like my blog. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and happy 2018!

  5. Sounds great! Thanks for introducing me to a new Christmas song! Let me know if Kyle ever gets kicked out of the band and you are looking for a replacement drummer. 🙂

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