Where’s-It Wednesday

Where's-It Wednesday

I did a post a few weeks back called “Whatsit Wednesday.”

I posted a photo and asked you to guess the object and its importance in the comments section.

Today, I’m posting several photos. The goal? To figure out where we are!

Because the world is such a large place, I’ll give you a couple hints as to the general vicinity of our location.

First off, we’re gallivanting around in a camper, so we’re only at a place we can drive to (and we’re still in the United States).

Second, we’re staying in a state that starts with the letter “M.”

Would you like to give it a gander and take a go?

See if you can figure out which of the 49 states we could be in.

On your mark, get set, guess!

Where's-It Wednesday

Where's-It Wednesday

Where's-It Wednesday

Best of luck in your quest for the guess that is correct! (That’s a mouthful.)

10 thoughts on “Where’s-It Wednesday

  1. I’m guessing Michigan am I right 🙂 or wrong 🙁 ….hope you are enjoying your travels …have a great day 🙂 .

  2. Bravo! Brilliant guesses, everyone!

    The Cummins Crew is camped out in Minnesota at the moment.

    Spot-on guess, Nola!

    Our trip is almost done, and we’ve loved it.

    When we get back home, I’d love to post some photos of our adventures! 🙂

  3. Great pictures! The Haas family (minus 2) is currently in Gettysburg, PA after spending a few hot, but awesome, days on Tybee Island, GA. Happy travels, miss you all! 😊🚐

    1. Oh, how fun! We’ve been to Gettysburg, and we absolutely loved it! 😀 Thank you for thinking of us! Enjoy the rest of your trip! 🙂

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