When the Outside Came In

“When The Outside Came In”

When The Outside Came In


How is your week going?

Are you enjoying autumn so far?

Except for the chilliness, I love the color and crunch of fall!

Today, October 28, is a very (very) special day for Anna – she’s eight! Happy birthday, Anna-nana! 😉

I wrote this free verse about the outdoors, because I have a certain enthrallment with the mystery of it all.

Sometimes I strain my ears in bed at night to hear the crickets chirping. Because of fall, their chirping is faint now, and sometimes I barely hear it at all.

It’s a strange, bittersweet sadness to wonder if most of them are all gone. It’s the kind of melancholy feeling I enjoy reflecting (briefly) on.

The wildness of nature appeals to me. The freedom. The vast solitude.

I’m reading the book Walden; or, Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau, and while I don’t agree with everything (such as his Transcendentalism religion), the Romantic Era was a very interesting time in literature and art based off of nature. Maybe sometime I’ll bore you with a paper I did in school about American Romanticism 😛

This free verse isn’t to meant to glorify nature – it’s meant to admire nature, and glorify its magnificent Creator 🙂

“When The Outside Came In”


I threw the window up, and the sun came bursting through, luminous, but gentle at the same time.

I watched it dance in little patches on the floor.

The birds outside my window lilted a graceful little song,

And the downy breeze came in and shut the door.

The smell of earth, the restless wind, spread through the room like a dawn beginning.

The curtains billowed, together they frolicked.

The musky smell of living wafted in, and I twirled along.

The wind tasted sweet to my lips.

Outside, the world was moving.

Wildly, freely, joyously, wholeheartedly.

I moved, too.

The patches of the sunlight slowly shifted, and I followed.

The shadows changed, and I watched.

The sunlight faded, and I saw it go.

The dusk came in, and the crickets applauded it.

The frogs began their base line,

And the cicadas added a chorus or two.

Together the trees swayed to this new melody.

My room was dark now, and the shadows were long and soft, as if, perhaps, by reaching out, I could hold them in my hands.

I pulled a blanket around me and sat.

Then, as quiet as the blanket of indigo sky outside my open window,

I watched the night come in.

What’s your favorite thing about the outdoors? I’d love to hear from you!

See you next week,

Ellie 🙂

10 thoughts on ““When The Outside Came In”

  1. Ellie, you know I love this! Great personification. I can see the dance in my mind as I read, and I inserted myself right in to the poem with you as you watched (next time I’ll bring us some chocolate and tea.) 😉
    I think my favorite things about fall are smelling the neighbor’s wood stove as it wafts over in the wind and looking at our gorgeous golden yellow maple outside the kitchen sink window.
    Keep creating.
    Love you bunches.

    1. Thanks, Mom. You bring the tea, I’ll procure chocolate 😉 I love the maple outside the kitchen window, too! So very bright and pretty. Love you, too. – Ellie

  2. Love this verse, Ellie. Made the smells and sights and sounds of the outdoors come alive. I especially like the smell of the earth line–I relate to that because I’m a “farm girl” at heart and love the smell of newly turned dirt!! Love you, Ellie

  3. It is Anna. I love your poem Ellie. My favorite thing about the outdoors is the beauty of autumn. 😀
    I love you Ellie. You are great to me.Thank you for all the presents I know how much work you put into all of them. (xoxoxoxo) 🙂

  4. Love the poem.Felt like I was there in the room with you.When I visited you a few years ago ,I so enjoyed our night talks.We had a great time visiting Boston Monday and Tuesday. Wish I would have had time to come and see you’all. I love the colors of fall,the smell of pumpkin pie baking,taking walks thru the woods. Planting fall flowers. Happy Birthday to Anna (banana) Love you all.

    1. Thanks, Grandma Nola! I loved the talks we had, too! I will tell Anna you said so, and she will be so pleased. Wish we could have seen you! Love you, and hopefully see you in the not-so-distant future 😀

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