What Is Home?

What Is Home?

by Ellie Cummins

Home is a dwelling for the family within,

Where strangers feel welcome, and loved ones belong.

Home is a refuge, a rest, wherein

Love blossoms like a glorious song.

Home is the face in the window

Who peeps out in concern for a friend.

Home is the head on the pillow,

Who sleeps without fear of the rain and the wind.

Home is the trust that God teaches us.

Home is the peace that He gives.

Home is an outlook, a basis.

Home is where a kindred spirit lives.

Home is ageless.

Home is love.

Home is from our God above.

10 thoughts on “What Is Home?

  1. That’s so wonderful Ellie!! 🙂 it’s so beautiful how much you love Jesus and how that is reflected in all of your songs and poems <3

    1. Thanks, Gracie. You’re a sweet friend. 😉 I do love Jesus, and I’m so glad to have a friend like you who does too! Can’t wait to see you!

    1. 😄That’s supposed to be a smiley face but some how he is making a lil serious face! So here is a smiley one.

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