Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. – Our Latest Quest

Hi, there!

We’re currently in Washington D.C., seeing all the sights to be had.

On Saturday, we saw:

  1. Arlington Cemetery
  2. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  3. The Changing of the Guard (Arlington Cemetery)
  4. The Eternal Flame (President Kennedy’s grave)
  5. The Jefferson Memorial
  6. The Washington Monument
  7. The World War II Memorial
  8. The Vietnam Memorial
  9. The Lincoln Memorial

On Sunday, we:

  • Rode the Metro for the first time
  • Visited the Smithsonian Welcome Center (called “The Castle”)
  • Saw the National Portrait Gallery
  • Saw the Smithsonian American Art Museum
  • Went through the National Portrait Gallery
  • Wandered through the Hirshhorn Museum and posed in the Sculpture Garden

(I used bullets on the second list because the order of our sightseeing eludes me.)

Yesterday, we wandered around the immense Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space. It was fabulous! The copious amounts of information left me dazed.

If you’re interested, I’d love to share some photos!


Which memorial stands out the most to you?

6 thoughts on “Washington D.C. – Our Latest Quest

  1. Nice pictures! My favorite is the World War II monument. I went to Washington D.C when I was 10 or 11 with my family and my cousin. It was really enjoyable, though there wasn’t enough lemonade stands if you got thirsty. (: My favorite museum was the American History one, and Ethan’s is the National air and space museum. You guys look like you are having lots of fun!
    I loved riding on the Metro. I think Ethan still has some of our train passes.

    1. Hi, Anna! I completely agree about the American History Museum and the National Air and Space Museum. They’re outstanding! We only got to scratch the surface of the American History Museum, but I’d love to go back while we’re here. It intrigued me and was so well done. 😉 The Metro, the memorials, the museums – everything here is so different and bustling! It makes a truly interesting experience. Thanks for commenting!

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