“Paint a Picture in Your Mind” by Ellie

Close your eyes and imagine the most luxurious house you could dream of.It has broad windows and large french doors.It has balconies, with promising views.It has acres of land filled with gardens and streams and forests.Imagine you and your friends walking down a solid gold road –  Soft green grass surrounding you.Now, add God to the picture.This is Heaven. 🙂

Musical Love

Musical Love by Ellie Cummins When love first comes so dear and sweet It’s like a humble melody. When come the obstacles of life, You’ll both work hard and through your strife Will come a graceful harmony. Though both are different, Both will be like alto and soprano. Marriage as your voice, And life as your piano. Wives respect your husbands, Husbands love your wives. Then you will have love […]

An Eagle’s Eye View

An Eagle’s Eye View by Ellie Cummins I hunt for food when I want to eat. I soar above the trees. My diet’s mostly made of meat, Though others prefer leaves. Nestled in my nest up high My young ones call and cry, Demanding for their meal. I know not what I’ll bring them But I think I’ll try for mice. Something small and meaty Would certainly be nice.

School work :)

 I had a school assignment to write creative sentences. They’re a little bit random. 🙂 “Janet,” Mrs.Harper said, “You did exceedingly well on your math test!” “Layla and Mia, I would love to help you with math tomorrow,” Chrissa said genuinely. Almost the whole class was moaning over a science test they had to take.”Cheer up, Mia, at least we studied,” Chrissa said positively. When Brooke won the contest, she […]

School – ing

School-ing by Ellie Cummins School is frustrating, School is complicating, It’s sometimes a little bit aggravating, It’s most definitely full of learning, And it suits yearning, to learn, So school isn’t all that bad. School is searching for things you do not know, School is digging for new ideas to grow, School adds learning, high and low, School is teaching your mind to go.


Windows by Ellie I love windows, all shiny and bright. They humbly welcome in every drop of sunlight. They allow my sight to see the world outside. The world of day, and the world of night. When it’s raining, I can see it easily. All bundled up cozy, and dry in my house.