Trust Fall

Remember that exhilarating trust game, Trust Fall? You extend your arms, take a deep breath, and fall back. For a second, the world seems to be in slow motion, as you feel gravity pull you down. Your adrenaline begins to pulse. Below you is hard, jarring ground. Behind you is the one person you are trusting to catch you. To keep you from getting hurt. That person might not be able to hold you. Or they might just step back and watch you fall. You have to trust that that person can catch you, and that they will.

Life is a Trust Fall. Part of life is falling. And trusting. Trusting that when you fall, God will catch you. That He will be there to pick you back up again. Sometimes, we can’t help but fall. And falling is scary. We don’t know how far down it is, or when the dive will stop. But be at peace. No matter how far the drop, no matter how hard the plunge, God will catch you when you fall.

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