The Thought Process Behind My Blog’s New Name

The Thought Process Behind My Blog's New Name

Hello, there.

What do you think of my new blog?

As you have probably noticed, it’s been renamed!

I began to think about renaming my blog last year, when we knew we wanted to start traveling.

I came up with the name “These Roads I Wander.”

I loved the nostalgic quality of the name, and thought it was a lovely name for a travel-blog.

But after thinking philosophically about the symbolism, I decided “wander” sounded a little too aimless. (I know. I’m way too deep.)

I made a mental note that it sounded like a splendid book title, however, and decided that maybe I’d write an autobiography someday with that name. 😀

The Thought Process Behind My Blog's New Name

I switched over to “As I Wonder,” because the word wonder has a ton of great meanings, including feeling curious, having doubts, and being in complete awe.

As I went to bed, I was certain that I had settled on that name, but when I woke up, I didn’t like it as much.

So I went back to the drawing-board.

The Thought Process Behind My Blog's New Name

I thought maybe I’d call it “Ellie UnBoxed,” since I want my blog to be a place for all my craziness.

I talked to Dad about the logo, and my indecisiveness.

He said too much debating will bring you to a standstill and recommended I just try something, and change it if I didn’t like it after working on the logo for a while.

He showed me what to do in Illustrator, and I headed back upstairs.

I brought the name “Ellie UnBoxed” to my go-to person, Mom, and she liked it, but pointed out that since I want my blog to be encouraging to others and not just about me, perhaps I shouldn’t have my name in the title.

I had felt “so-so” about the name to begin with, so I wholeheartedly agreed with her.

The Thought Process Behind My Blog's New Name

In the end, I circled around and came back to wonder. (Not wander – wonder. I must have a thing for homonyms.)

I played around with sounds for a couple minutes and created “wonderment,” which, after looking it up the dictionary, turned out to be a real word.

At first, I was iffy. But I started to grow attached to it. It was bubbly, cute, and memorable.

I went to Mom (I love getting a second opinion) and asked her, “What about the word ‘wonderment’ for my blog?”

She was immediately in raptures.

That settled it.

I set to work hand-lettering a logo and looked at Pinterest for ideas.

The Thought Process Behind My Blog's New Name

I used some mixed media paper and a black gel pen and came up with what is now my newly-named blog’s logo.


Here’s my definition of wonderment: A state of excitement, astonishment, curiosity, and complete awe. 

The Thought Process Behind My Blog's New Name

I scanned it into the computer and dropped it into Illustrator.

After a few clicks, it was ready to export.

It turned out beautifully. ⇓

The Thought Process Behind My Blog's New Name

So there you have it.

Long story short, my thought process is a very scary (and scattered) place to be.

Short story long, I love the name wonderment so much and am glad that God let it flit across my spasmodic brain.

Wait a minute… I should have named my blog “Spasmodic!”

Oh, well.

Thanks for reading,
Ellie 😉

16 thoughts on “The Thought Process Behind My Blog’s New Name

  1. Ellie, thanks for sharing your train of thought! The name combined with that sweet logo are so compelling, just like your blog posts!! You are already encouraging this 39 year old mom of 4…lots of love from Kansas!!

  2. I like the new very much. Life is a wonder and I love to hear your thoughts on it and always enjoy your writing. Keep the wonder coming!!!! Love you, Ellie. Gr’Ma

  3. Hi Ellie
    It’s Mrs. Linda from Rockland…John would have loved your mind. That was awesome, Ellie, can’t wait to read more.

  4. Hello Ellie ,sorry for the late response.I have been wandering a little myself.I spent a week in NY with my daughter and husband ( part of the time,he was working.) Had a great time. I like your blog name .It fits especially now that you will be traveling some. The world is full of wonderment.
    Love ,Nola A.K.A. Grandma

    1. Thanks, Grandma Nola! I’m so glad you had a good time in New York! I agree that the world is full of wonderment. God has made it so beautiful. Love you!

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