The Love I Feel For God

The Love I Feel For God

Hey, Everyone!

Have you ever found the English language lacking before? Like it just wasn’t deep enough for what you were talking about?

As I was trying to describe how I felt about God, I found the word “love” wasn’t enough. It was incomplete. So I decided to specify—with poetry, of course!

The Love I Feel For God

The love I feel for God is a reverent fear, a tree trembling in the thunderous storm. The lightning strikes and the thunder roars out, and I am awestruck.

The love I feel for God is an insatiable thirst, a flower desperately yearning for the rain. The showers come gently, and I rejoice, praising God.

The love I feel for God is a humble awe, a child watching the stars in their infinite galaxies. The planets continue to orbit and the sun continues to shine, and I am enthralled.

The love I feel for God is a desperate need, a baby clinging to its mother. The mother nurtures and loves, and I am beholden and filled with adoring devotion.

The love I feel for God is a longing desire, an ache of desperate want to see His face. The ocean crashes and the wind blasts, and I glimpse His glory.

The love I feel for God is a tingling thrill, a child bursting with a radiant secret that can’t be kept. The secret comes spilling out, and I dance with joy.

The love I feel for God is a rush of warmth. Of anticipation. Of gratitude. Of complete and utter dependence. I cannot live without Him. If I could choose to, I would not. I need Him. I want Him.

I love Him, because He first loved me. 

Have a valiant and venturous week!

10 thoughts on “The Love I Feel For God

  1. Beautiful poem.One day I hope to own a book titled Poetry by E. Pray the packing and painting are going well. Pray you are all over the flu.
    Love, Nola (a.k.a. Grandma)

  2. Dear Ellie, how beautiful! Your poetry is very satisfying to my heart and soul. I, too, look forward to seeing a whole book of poetry by you! May I print this one? Love you bunches. G’ma

  3. I love it. thanks, Ellie! You probably already know about the famous poet, e e cummins, right? You must be related! 🙂

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