The Life of Ellie Cummins, A Documentary

What’s going on in my life? Let me think…

Well, I finished a painting about a month ago, baked a pie for Micah’s birthday, hung upside down with Dad, shoveled out, baked a chocolate zucchini cake with Mom’s help last week, had a tea party with Anna and have been drinking tea since, shoveled out, and shoveled out again. Following that, I shoveled out. After the list I just gave you, you’ll never ask again. Oh, well.










I’ve done a lot this year – so far. We’ll see. I might just take a nap for the rest of the year 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Life of Ellie Cummins, A Documentary

  1. I LOVE that painting. It reminds me a little of Good Night Moon. I love all the details. The pie looks yummy. I didn’t know Micah was a pie person. Gracie is too! She prefers pies to cakes 🙂 And hanging upside down with your Dad looks like fun! I have never heard of chocolate zucchini cake, it sounds exotic and I must talk to your Mom about this recipe! I love the tea set up, and yes we all here have been shoveling out as well. You are in good company . Love Mrs. K.

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