The Garage Band Post

Dad has taught me how to use Garage Band, a computer app that lets you record and stack voice and instruments. It’s really cool. I have posted two songs, “Washed By The Water,” a song by Needtobreathe, and “Mistake,” a song I wrote.  On both songs, all of the instruments are played from my keyboard except the drums, which is a track. When I press a key on my piano, it changes the note I played into the same note on the instrument of my choice. “Mistake” has vocal and keyboard over a drum track. “Washed By The Water” has vocal, keyboard, organ, and bass guitar over drums. I hope you enjoy!


Washed By The Water

by Needtobreathe



by Ellie Cummins


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  1. You are amazing and so talented! We think there’s even a bit of a Lisa Loeb vibe going on. 🙂 Seriously impressive!

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