The Food Post

This is my “foodie” blog post. I’m proud to call myself and my family foodies. These pictures are of foods I thought were picture worthy.

It makes sense to me to take food pictures. That way you can remember a delicious food, and have a lovely picture, no matter how messily you eat it or how bad it looks in your stomach.

Any time I appreciated the appearance of a yummy food, I took a picture. A strange obsession. I know. I don’t even care anymore.

This is an egg salad sandwich we had for lunch one day.
This is an egg salad sandwich we had for lunch one day.


This is a panini in the making. Every Wednesday a kid makes a lunch of their choice to bring to Dad’s office. It’s our more efficient version of a “Daddy Date.” Paninis, pickles, and chips were my choice.


Homemade chocolate-chip cookies 🙂




You wouldn’t believe how amazing the kitchen smelled.


I guess a food post wasn’t a good idea. I haven’t had lunch 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Food Post

  1. What a great idea, Ellie.

    The pictures were well done and the cookies remind me of those “days gone by” memories of good smells of holiday cooking and family together. You’re a pretty amazing girl!

  2. YUM. We are foodies here too. I love a good sandwich and am always interested in changing ingredients, adding unexpected things, etc.. Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite in this house! Love, Mrs. K

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