The Curtains We Carefully Crafted For Our Cute & Cozy Cummins Camper


These past few days have been some of the busiest and most productive of my existence. And still are, in fact, so don’t mind any typos or incomplete thoughts, please! 🙂

We’ve entirely remodeled our little Mallard pull-behind camper, complete with different floor plan, and curtains to match.

Would you like to see some photos?

Here they are! (Though not necessarily in order.)

Behind The Scenes

Curtains For Our Camper
Here’s an “almost-before” picture. The walls aren’t painted, the curtains aren’t up, and the lovely finishing touches are yet to be added. (The shelves and bunks are new, thanks to Dad’s hard work!)
Getting the curtains up was a bit of a challenge, but Dad made it happen!
Isn’t the fabric Mom picked for the curtains absolutely adorable?
The huge divider curtains were the most difficult to sew, but also the most rewarding when we finished!


The Camper – Unveiled

Want to know my favorite part about mine and Anna’s bunks? (Other than the bright colors, stylish spreads, and curtains, of course!) The storage! Dad made so much space for us, and I’m pumped to make use of it!
Micah’s bed/the couch is gorgeous. Great decorating, Mama!
I love the way the dining table is removable for extra space.
Mom and Dad’s room – spunky and fun. Just like them.

I hope you enjoyed getting a look at what I’ve been up to! Now tell me about you – how’s your week going?



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11 thoughts on “The Curtains We Carefully Crafted For Our Cute & Cozy Cummins Camper

  1. Wow.. Looks professionally designed! Love the bright colors and how you coordinated the pillows w/everything. Looks lovely 😄

  2. I love those curtains you made! Your camper looks awesome! Where are you planning to go?

    Our week is going fine, but our flight was delayed, so we stayed overnight in a hotel. In ten minutes we’ll be on the flight to Paris!

  3. What an awesome colorful camper. You will have great memories. I am headed to Atlanta , Georgia and then on to Alabama Saturday to celebrate a friends birthday on Sun then back home on Mon. Appreciate prayers for safe travel. Love to all , Nola

  4. What an awesome renovation! I’m speechless at the transformation of the camper, especially the beautiful colors used in the curtains! Great job to all of you. Happy trails! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Emily! It really suits our family’s personality, and we’re excited for the memories we’re going to make in it. 🙂

  5. Each of your guys’ space is going to make for great memories! Your mom has Excellent taste in color choice of the curtains!!, and extra storage is Always an exciting feature!! It amazes my husband and I just how much creativity the Lord has given you guys… Too cool. May you have many blessed adventures together <3

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