The Art Of Practice

Hey, Folks!

Something I’ve been interested in lately is the art of enjoying practice. That’s right – the art.

It takes practice to practice. 😀

I did a bit of research, and I think I’ve learned some great stuff.

While there is no “easy out,” I found some tips that really improved the way I practice. I hope they help you, too!

    1. Practice requires mental focus. Concentrate on the music and give it your all, and your practice will benefit. When you play something, you’re telling your fingers to remember it, so it’s important to be thinking clearly. Practice when your mind is fresh and you’re on your “A game.”
    2. Appreciate your practice. As you play, think about how your hands feel as they move. Enjoy the movement. Enjoy the sound produced. Enjoy the fact that you have the ability to create the music you hear with your own hands. Music is a beautiful thing. I am so thankful to God for giving us music. Music expresses what words cannot.
    3. Take it small, take it slow. Don’t overload yourself. Staring at a music sheet can have a dizzying effect as you realize that you’re expected to play the whole thing. Measure by measure, my friend. A chip at a time.
    4. Outlook is everything. And I mean everything. Just last week, I hit a total mental barrier in piano. I couldn’t seem to get past the fact that it was really, really hard. After distressing practice after distressing practice, I became aware of the fact that I was seriously incapacitating myself. I was upsetting myself, all because of my outlook. I was frustrated, and I felt incapable of playing the piece, let alone the piano in general. But as I began to push through, it became easier. Not magically, but because I was working at it. I saw that I had made it way harder than it had to be. So learn from my mistake – instead of freaking out, take it in chunks (see prior tip), and keep a positive outlook. Your mind plays such a big part in your confidence, even in your practice quality. It’s easy to say and hard to do, but keep your outlook encouraging. Give yourself a pep talk, or read mine 😉


Music Practice Pep Talk

You are going to nail this.

It seems tricky now, but think how cool it’ll be when you can play it!

Keep going. You’ll get it, piece by piece, and there’s a satisfaction in knowing you worked hard and accomplished something.


I hope your week is stellar! (Or “stellah,” as we say around here.)

Practice on,

Ellie 😀


Do you have any practice tips? What methods work for you?

7 thoughts on “The Art Of Practice

  1. These are some great tips Ellie! Good luck with practicing 🙂 I love the picture by the way!

    1. Anytime! 🙂 That’s so great! They are so helpful to me too. That’s a really cool website!! 🙂

  2. Ellie, I can hardly wait to hear the results of your practice! This is some good practical advise for trying to accomplish anything.

    1. Thanks, Grandma! I’m so glad you’re reading my blog. Maybe sometime I could play something for you! 😀

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dad! Practice isn’t my strong suit either. I’ll keep working, though 😉 Thanks for paying for lessons! 😀

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