The Animal’s Poems

Hello, and Happy Tuesday!

Here are two verses I wrote from the animal’s points of view. Which of the two do you like best?

The Cat’s Limerick

You say curiosity killed the cat.

With nine lives, I mock you for that.

With proud nose upturned,

And your silly quote spurned,

I prance off with hardly a pat.


The Old Owl Miser

They say I am wise.

I say “who?”

They command I advise.

I say “who?”

They snort and they hoot.

I say “who?”

They say I’m not astute.

I say “who?”

They shake their heads.

I say “who?”

They go home to their beds.

I say “who?”

They are gone.

I have quiet.

It isn’t yet dawn.

I made them leave.

Tell me, who is wiser?

The people that peeve,

Or the old owl miser?

See you tomorrow!

Ellie 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Animal’s Poems

  1. These are both great Ellie! I love how it’s from the point of the view of the animal! The kitty picture is also very cute haha 🙂

  2. I love them!! I like the cat one the best in one way and the owl one the best in another way, know what I mean? It’s like asking what my favorite song is.. hard to choose among excellent choices!! Same w/your poems ☺

  3. Who, Who, Who is my favorite.We use to have little screech owls that came every summer and would sit on the fence by the pool and talk. loved them.

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