Ten Words A Week – Week 1

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The Cummins kids are in possession of a new learning assignment: to write a list of ten words and their meanings each week. The words can come from things we’ve heard, books we’re reading, and occasionally a dictionary or thesaurus. (I say occasionally because the main point is learning words in the real world.) After the list is amassed, we are expected to use four of the words in our conversations the next day! It makes for quite an intriguing game.

Since those of you who read my blog seem to find amusement in uncovering new and exciting words, I thought I’d share my list from last week.

Would you like to take a gander?

1. Exacerbate – to make a bad situation or problem worse

2. Multitudinous – consisting of innumerable aspects or elements (This is my favorite word right now!)

3. Glabrous – smooth; having a surface without hair

4. Rivulet – a small stream of water or liquid

5. Stolid – showing little or no emotion; not easily excited or upset

6. Vile – evil or immoral; very unpleasant

7. Extraneous – not important

8. Contumacious – stubbornly disobedient; rebellious (This is a smug-sounding word, isn’t it?)

9. Holus-bolus – all at once (This really is a word! I found it under my Merriam-Webster Dictionary app’s Word of the Day.)

10. Loquacious – given to fluent or excessive talk

What is your favorite word this week?

Challenge: Use one of the words from this list today!

6 thoughts on “Ten Words A Week – Week 1

    1. We’re in Massachusetts, Anna! And we did get some delicious cider, but it was in Vermont. 😆 I’ve been thinking about you and your family!

  1. Ellie,
    This is so neat!! I am definitely going to try and store these words with their meanings in my heart/brain to remember! Holus-bolus made me laugh…I think that’s my favorite out of this list, but was thankful for all of them as they each have their unique and special place to be used. I actually learned a new word this week that you may already know but was intriguing to me…I was called ‘precocious’ 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to learning more of the words that you are learning!

    1. Precocious is a stellar word! It has such a peppy sound and a bouncy meaning – I love it. Thank you for sharing. Holus-bolus cracks me up because it doesn’t seem real. I love finding the strange words in our English language and look forward to sharing them with you! Thanks for commenting!

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