Initial Financial Statement Evaluation and 30-Minute Call

I will review your balance sheet and income statement for the current year to evaluate how accurately your books reflect your business transactions. In this phase, I’ll be checking that all transactions have been recorded (and that accounts match your bank statements).

After I’ve determined the status of your books, I’ll schedule a 30-minute call to walk you through improvements you can make to your accounting practices and any issues or suggested changes I found for your financial statements.

During the call, I can also help you determine that all business assets and liabilities are presented in your balance sheet.


Monthly Transaction Categorizing and Reconciling

This is the traditional bookkeeping function. I will categorize transactions, make sure the amounts in your accounting software match the amounts in your bank, and contact you if I come across any strange or duplicate transactions.

With this service, you’ll be able to have an up-to-date look at your business’s finances every month, which includes an up-to-date income statement and balance sheet.

I am always happy to provide PDFs of these statements.

Year-End Book Adjustments for Taxes

I will schedule a 30-minute meeting with you to go over transactions for the past year and catch any misclassified items. I will then adjust for interest on loans, depreciation, and any other accounting transactions that need adjusting.

This will let me provide you with a completed balance sheet and income statement for the year that you can share with your CPA or use to submit your business taxes yourself.

30-Minute Bookkeeping Learning Session

Think you’d rather do your books yourself? I will schedule a 30-minute call to go over your books with you and teach you how to add transactions and reconcile your statements in either QuickBooks or Xero.

Interested in having any of these tasks taken off your plate? Contact me today.