San Antonio, Texas (Day 6 of the Journey)

Six days into our west-bound journey and it’s going well. We’ve driven about twenty-two hours so far. Here’s the summary, along with some pictures. (Micah’s barely in them — he’s our photographer!)

Day One – South Carolina To Mississippi

We drove for ten and a half hours and stayed at “The Best-Kept Secret In Mississippi,” a beautiful campground with over-protective geese. (We parked right next to the pond, where they had a nest. They also decided to have an alpha fight around one in the morning!)

Day Two – Mississippi To Texas

We drove to Vicksburg, MS, saw the national military park there and the U.S.S. Cairo, (the only surviving Civil War ironclad, in the photo below), and had a homecoming to our well-loved campground, K. E. Bushman’s.

Day Three – Bullard, Texas

We went up to the fishing dock at the campground and discovered a world of snakes – four water moccasins (also known as cottonmouths) and a brown water snake. Fun fact: Water moccasins always float on top of the water; water snakes can keep their bodies under water and stick their heads out if they want to.

Day Four – Bullard, Texas

We did our work from the camper, ate at Stanley’s BBQ, and got Andy’s Custard! If you go to Texas, be sure to check Stanley’s and Andy’s out. They’re a notch above amazing.

Day Five – Bullard To San Antonio, Texas

We got donuts, saw the Magnolia Silos, arrived at our KOA, and took a bus into the city. We walked the river walk, which is like a paved tropic, and ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant by the river.

Day Six – San Antonio, Texas

We worked, hung out, and checked out the HEB grocery store for the first time. We also played some basketball at the playground in the campground!

Well, it’s late and I’m off to enjoy the evening. I have peppermint tea to drink, teeth to floss, and bed to head to.


14 thoughts on “San Antonio, Texas (Day 6 of the Journey)

  1. Loved this update, Ellie ! SOOOOO excited for you guys about all the adventures you’re having. Love and hugs to all of you !

  2. What an awesome trip so far. Fun an seeing your pics. Tell everyone hello from me. ☺️❤️

  3. I loved going to London! Seeing the tower was really fun and educational, and having a tea party was great too!

  4. These are great pictures Ellie! It looks like you’re having fun! What’s your favorite spot you’ve traveled to so far? In one of the pictures you and your mom look like twins it’s so cute! 🙂 miss you!

    1. Thanks, Gracie! I think my favorite spot so far has been Carlsbad Caverns! We went there yesterday, and they’re absolutely breathtaking. (I’ll have to do a post about them…) How are you? I miss you, too!

  5. Thanks for the pictures and comments. Let’s us know lots about your adventures–what a grand tour!! Love you all very much. Praying for safety, good health, and lots of fun adventures. G’Ma

  6. I agree with Gracie- you and your Momma look like twin teammates in the basketball pic 😆 . I love your updates and pictures. It’s amazing to me as a mom to see how much older and grown all you kiddos look! Mom and Dad look the same as always-lovely. Please give your Mom a big hug from me; tell her I miss our nice talks we used to have. Hope you enjoyed your tea ☕. Have fun – looking forward to more updates!

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