What I Learned From Over 2 Months On The Road


Hey, folks!

We’re back from our summer adventure, and boy, what an adventure it was! We drove 10,000+ miles in the truck over the course of 11 weeks, and learned a lot about living in a small space.

It wasn’t all a bowl of cherries — there were days where space was tight and we missed our alone time. But we worked through it and it taught us patience.

Here are a couple of things I loved about traveling in a camper:

Team Became Priority

My family is team-minded. It’s just a part of our “core values,” I supposed. We say we’re a “family unit” or a “family blob.” This trip tightened our ability even more to work toward a main goal.

The main example of our learned team-mindedness was setting up and tearing down camp.

When we got to the site, everyone would pile out. Mom would direct Dad into the site. Micah would help Dad level the camper and put chocks under the wheels. Mom or I would stand inside and watch the level to yell when things looked centered. We had all of our things inside to put back in order from their travel positions, and usually I was the one to hook up the water hose to the camper and plug in electric.

More than once, people in neighboring campsites commented on our family’s effective setting-up process. One man compared the way we “popped out of the truck” and accomplished our different tasks to Nascar. 😀

Less Space and Stuff Meant More Time

With only two-hundred square feet to live in, cleaning was diminished to a minimum. (I loved that.) I learned that you can live with little, and sometimes less stuff makes things much simpler! If you have too much stuff in a camper, you can tell. That’s why it’s great to learn how much you truly need.

Close Quarters Made Memories

The view of Anna from my bunk.

I had a lot of fun having Anna right above me in her bunk at night. We talked (a lot), had lots of laughs and were sometimes a bit giddy, and almost every night we prayed together. Since I was closest to her, I could help her when she needed something in the night (when I was awake enough to be aware of my surroundings). That really grew our relationship, and helped me practice for mom-hood.

We Got To See The World

We saw so much. I really can’t emphasize how much we did. Dozens of things I never even posted about. We met interesting people and jam-packed our days full of experiences.

I am so blessed.

What’s your favorite part of travel?

12 thoughts on “What I Learned From Over 2 Months On The Road

  1. Yeah! When we were away, we each brought a small suitcase of clothes, and a small bag of games, toys, and books. It was fun and interesting to have so few belongings, especially when it came to clothes. And we definitely made a lot of memories too!

    1. Isn’t it funny, Anna, how little we actually need? So glad you had a fun time on your trip! I hope you enjoy your week, and I’ll see you soon!

  2. Your recall of your time together on this epic trip was so encouraging to me. I’ve always known your family’s priority was to be a family but you’re ability to put it into words made my heart leap for joy!! We need families–we need your family!! You will have lifetime memories and blessings from this trip and I’m sure there are still many adventures to be had. I love you, Ellie. G’Ma

  3. Also wanted to comment on your river poem. Loved it!! I want a collection of all your poems!!

  4. That is amazing Ellie! Those are really great things to learn 🙂 I’m glad you all had fun!

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