Penny’s Parsimonious Personality

Penny's Parsimonious Personality

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I’m here with a monster alliteration I wrote a while back and added to (with the aid of a thesaurus and a Cummins family, of course!).

It’s over one-hundred words long. 😀

Penny’s Parsimonious Personality

Penelope passed Principle Peter Paul Percival Packham presently – positively perspicacious, painfully prudent, Penny peers ponderously past Principle Peter Paul Percival Packham, prettily pretending. Penny pertains partly past practiced and pragmatic. Perhaps pedestrians, popular people, and public personas persist and persevere to be puzzled perniciously by Penny’s parsimonious pretense. Penelope’s penny-wise presence presents problems, peradventure predicaments pertinent to problematically pompous penny-pinchers. Penny’s person prefers perplexing people past patient perseverance and politeness. Penny probably predicts people ponder purposely on peculiar personalities of pessimism. Perhaps Penny pretends penurious personification partly for performance, presentation, production, and play. Possibly pacifying people perturbs Penny pointedly, perchance proportionate to pain. Palaver peeves Penny, and palliating provides plagues. Poor, paradoxical Penny.

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  1. Wow, woman! What wonderful words wrought with whimsical wishes when writers work well with witty wisdom! Wuv wu! G’ma

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