Our First Trip In The Camper

Our First Trip In The Camper

This past weekend, the Cummins family took off for King’s Mountain, SC.

It was our first real trip in our new-to-us camper, and it rocked.

We loved the experience, made a campground friend, and got to explore.

Here are some photos of things we did, places we saw, and pretty things along the way.

Our First Trip In The Camper
This was our first supper at the campground – made by Mom, in our camper!
Our First Trip In The Camper
We browsed a little gift shop in an art center and found some creative things!
Our First Trip In The Camper
This trolley was outside of the art center.
Our First Trip In The Camper
While camping, we visited King’s Mountain National Military Park.
Our First Trip In The Camper
The park had some outdoor tents set up for colonial activities. One of the activities was dressing up. Anna participated!
Our First Trip In The Camper
Here we are with our newly-made cornhusk dolls, also from the park.
Our First Trip In The Camper
We pulled over by the side of the road to take this picture, then jogged across the street to take the picture below.
Our First Trip In The Camper
The camera caught Dad mid-pose.
Our First Trip In The Camper
Dad thought the campsite looked so great, he snapped some photos before we packed up.
Our First Trip In The Camper
Dad seems to like his Yeti.
Our First Trip In The Camper
What do you think of our Cummins Diesel? We like it quite a bit. Must be the name.
Our First Trip In The Camper
We kids loved biking around the campground.
Our First Trip In The Camper
Dad thinks we should write “Happy Camper” with a smiley face across our travel trailer. In this photo, there are two happy campers!

Well, there you have it, folks.

Our first trip in our “home away from home.”

We have our own little Rocinante.

Watch out, America. The Cummins family is on the loose. 😉


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17 thoughts on “Our First Trip In The Camper

  1. Love the pictures ..Looks like you all had a wonderful time..Sure miss you all..

  2. Hi Ellie , I used to love camping…but I used a tent. You guys have it made in the trailer. Thanks for the pictures and the update… Love to all of you!

    1. Hi, Mrs. Linda.
      Camping is so fun, isn’t it? Yes, we definitely have found our sweet spot with this trailer. We miss and love you, too! 😛

  3. Great pictures! Looks like you’re really enjoying camping life!! We miss y’all very much! Have a great summer!!

  4. The pictures are beautiful Ellie. You won’t remember me but I use to take care of your little brother in the nursery at Belmont Baptist Church where he was our Music Director. Sorry to say there hasn;t been a good one since he left. We all loved your Mom and Dad and kids,

  5. I enjoy keeping up with your family. Your grandparents went to our little country church in Oklahoma. Your family seems to be doing great. Camping in a camper is great. I am too old to appreciate tent camping but that is how we all start out. Great fun.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Marilyn! Yes, it was a lovely time. Tent camping was nice, but it’s wonderful to be up off the ground! 😀

  6. Oh my! how fun. I love to go camping .There is nothing better than a wood fire ,walks.bike rides and for me fishing.I love all the pictures.I cannot believe how much you kids have grow.Girls you are beautiful and Michah such a handsome young man. Miss you all .Maybe I will come see you one day ,Lord willing .You all are always welcome in my home ,if you ever come to Texas.
    Love ,Nola

    1. Thank you, Grandma Nola! You are so sweet to comment. We did love the bike rides and walks, and Dad is considering getting into fishing! Maybe you would have some tips. We would love to see you again! I love you and hope to see you again soon. 😉

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