My First Loaf of Rustic Italian Bread


Today I baked my first loaf of bread. It was Rustic Italian bread, and it was worth the two day process it took to make it.
Yesterday, I made something called the “sponge.” This included part of the flour and yeast, as well as warm water. I allowed it to sit overnight, fermenting it to give it a tangy flavor.

This morning, I made the dough, adding the sponge to it, and shaped it into a ball. The recipe I used called for the bread to sit a lot in order to rise. And rise. The loaf baked at twice the size of the original ball of dough!
























































It took a long time, but the actual hands on time didn’t add up to much, and besides, it was totally worth it!

What’s your favorite kind of bread? 😀

Ellie 🙂

4 thoughts on “My First Loaf of Rustic Italian Bread

  1. My Dear Bread-baker Daughter,
    Please make this again and again because it is SO YUMMALICIOUS!!!!
    Your Bread-loving Mom 🙂

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