Musical Love

Musical Love

by Ellie Cummins

When love first comes so dear and sweet
It’s like a humble melody.
When come the obstacles of life,
You’ll both work hard and through your strife
Will come a graceful harmony.

Though both are different,
Both will be like alto and soprano.
Marriage as your voice,
And life as your piano.

Wives respect your husbands,
Husbands love your wives.
Then you will have love
That will show throughout your lives.

Cherish each other
And face life hand in hand.
Bad things will happen
Throughout the land.
But when they do,
You’ll have each other
To lean on and love and treasure.

9 thoughts on “Musical Love

  1. Ellie–enjoyed this poem very much. Such wise thoughts. Glad you are sharing your writing. I see you “growing up” both physically, spiritually, and mentally. What a blessing. Thank you, Ellie

  2. I love the alto and soprano reference…what a wise thought for someone so young! God has given you a gift!

  3. Ellie!!! This is SO good–I can’t wait to share it with Uncle Michael. Did you know he writes poetry too?

  4. That is beautiful Ellie.  You have such a mature understanding of what Godly love is supposed to be.  Thank you for sharing!

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