A couple weeks ago, our family went camping in New Hampshire. On the way back, I read some funny limericks out loud. Dad said we should write our own limericks about camping; we all set to work. That’s the way we are, we do silly or sometimes even tricky things for fun. I decided to write a limerick about each person, except me, in the family. I also wrote a family limerick. Micah wrote a limerick about a boy at camp and Anna wrote a poem (she doesn’t know how to write limericks.) Mom and Dad wrote limericks about our camping trip. We had a fun time helping each other with words and phrases. Here are the limericks we wrote:

Dad’s Limerick About Camping

A family vacation up north

They hiked and they drove back and forth

Discovering places

And checking out spaces

So next time they’d have no remorse.


Mom’s Limerick About Camping

“A camping we go” was the cry

That was uttered without trace of a sigh.

We packed up our gear

The van dad did steer

To our spot in the mountains so high.


Ellie’s Family Limerick

There once was a family of five

Who tried through their lifetime to strive

To be kind and nice

And give good advice

And help other people to thrive.


Ellie’s Limerick About Anna

There once was a sweet girl named Anna

Who did not care much for banana.

So though her name rhymed

And was cute every time

We ended her name with Nana.


Ellie’s Limerick About Micah

My brother named Micah is loud

So he always stands out in a crowd.

Though he has a big voice

He is always my choice

And he makes me exceedingly proud.


Ellie’s Limerick About Mom

I know a patient person named Mom.

She’s caring and kind and the bomb*

She does laundry and cooks

Cleans crannies and nooks

She’s pretty and loving and calm.


Ellie’s Limerick About Dad

The best guy in the world is my dad.

He’s hardworking and fun and I’m glad.

He’s funny and nice

And gives good advice.

With Daddy there’s fun to be had.


Micah’s Limerick About A Boy At Camp

There once was a boy at a camp.

Through the woods he often would tramp.

There was a big crowd,

It was awfully loud

And his clothes and his tent got all damp.


Anna’s Free Verse Poem

The trees are shining bright.

Blue sky is shining.

The people crowded around the trees.


So there are the limericks (and poem) we wrote. I hope you enjoyed them!

24 thoughts on “Limericks

  1. Love your limericks . And what fun memories you are making as a loving family together. We miss you at NewSpring. But thankful for FB & blogs to be able to stay in touch. Colleen Mahannah

  2. There once was a girl who was fun,

    Who wrote limericks and when she was done,

    She said them aloud,

    To her family crowd,

    And everyone laughed in the sun

  3. What a writer!:) You have talent and a kind and sweet spirit! I really enjoyed reading the limericks and poem! Love from Wichita

  4. I’m limerickly challenged, so haiku to you:
    She is far away
    I creep on all her blog posts
    Because I miss her

    Wonderful writing as always

  5. Hi Ellie (and Cummins family). So great reading your blog. You have had a gift with words since I’ve known you! Glad to see a move halfway across the country hasn’t changed that….we do miss you in Wichita /NewSpring though! Keep writing…I’m waiting for an Ellie Cummins lyric to top the Christian music chart someday. Are you writing music?

    1. Hello! Thank you. Yes, we are still writing and playing music! My newest song is a blues song about children in Asia. I’ll have to post a recording soon! – Ellie

  6. I like all of the limericks. I have never tried to write a limericks. I wonder how they got the name limerick. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. There once was a girl who blogged.
    All her family adventures she logged.
    Memories were made,
    They wish they could have stayed.
    But they couldn’t, so homeward they jogged.

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