Les Miserables and My First Car (Two Wildly Exciting, Yet Unrelated Things)

Hello, All!

How are you?

I’ve had quite an exciting week. Over the weekend, we got to attend Les Miserables with some friends at the Peace Center in Greenville. It was a breathtaking performance. The sets were unbelievable and the scene changes were flawless. I loved it. Since this was an event we got to dress up for, I’d love to share some photos of our spiffy-looking crew!

Dolled up and dapper!
Behind us is the Peace Center.

Now, for my most thrilling news of all… I got a car! (This is where I throw confetti and jump up and down!!)

After almost two years of saving, Dad helped me to buy an adorable used Nissan! It’s a 2010 Nissan Versa hatchback, in red (I’m exceedingly fond of red cars). I adore my “snappy little car” and I’m wearing the roads thin here in South Carolina already.

I was delighted that all five Cummins fit inside!
Here we are posing just after purchase.

Thanks for letting me share what’s been happening in my life. What’s been going on in your’s?

6 thoughts on “Les Miserables and My First Car (Two Wildly Exciting, Yet Unrelated Things)

  1. Wow! I’m so happy for you. My first car was red too, and I still like them! And Les Miserables…a car and culture…you are a grown up already!

    1. Thanks a million! Aren’t red cars the best? I agree with you that Les Mis is a culture all it’s own! We’ve been singing the songs ever since!

  2. Awesome Ellie!!! That’s a really nice car! Course it isn’t a Tesla (;
    I’ve seen Hamlet in that Theater. It was good, but for the fact that there was an extremely high mortality rate.

    1. LOL, Anna! Yes, any of Shakespeare’s plays seem to end in death (or at least be mostly made up of that theme!). Isn’t the theater gorgeous?

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