Goodbye, My Little Country

Hello, and Happy Tuesday!

I started my first year of high school yesterday, and I’ve been enjoying it!

Here’s a little poem I wrote, called “Goodbye, My Little Country.”

I have a tendency to write sad things. In fact, I rather enjoy making people doleful for the moment.



Goodbye, My Little Country

Ellie Cummins


The wind, it whispered through the trees

And formed a rasping melody.

The water twinkled in the light,

And babbled softly her goodbye.

The trees, they rustled in the wind,

And told me of the story’s end.

The cattle prompted, soft and low,

They told me it was time to go.

How bitterly does time move forward.

I ached to stay – I begged, deplored.

Oh, couldn’t I stay here?

But no, the end was drawing near.

Rebelliously, I turned away,

As though by using force to stay

I’d save my home and gain my way.

But a whisper through the grasses

Gently prodded me to go.

They said, “Time forever passes,

And for no one will it slow.”

I turned to leave, a heavy sigh.

For in the end, I said goodbye.

With laden heart and head held high,

I left my little country.



That’s all for today, folks!

I hope your week is productive, pleasing, and practically perfect in every way.

Think on,

Ellie 🙂

10 thoughts on “Goodbye, My Little Country

  1. I accept your apology for making me doleful 😉 This poem tugs at the mind in a melancholy yet delightful way. It’s easy to identify with the sentiment from many stages of life. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Mom. I tried to impart the feelings I’ve felt before of changes into this poem. So glad you could tell. 😀

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