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How are you?

We embarked yesterday on another Cummins Crew camping adventure! This one’s North-bound, with much cooler temps.

We drove eleven and a half hours yesterday, which makes today’s six hour ride seem smooth and breezy. We’re heading to Buffalo, New York, today to see Niagra Falls (I’m writing this in the truck on my handy new WordPress app!)

Our family just finished a fascinating tour of Fallingwater, the iconic house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The house is integrated into nature with its sandstone floors and open terraces. Of course, the biggest reason for its fame is the way the house is perched above a waterfall!

What are you looking forward to this week?

9 thoughts on “Fallingwater

  1. Wow! That looks really pretty! Since you are heading north, make sure to check out western Massachusetts in the fall. The foliage is really great, and the apple cider is the best! (in my opinion)

    1. Thanks, Anna! I hope we get to see some fall foliage this trip! Mom, Micah, and Anna love cider and would be really happy to taste some this trip! Yummy. Hope you’re having a great week! 😊

  2. Enjoy the falls! They are huge. It’s hard to imagine that much water in one place…unless you’ve seen the news films from Houston on hurricane Harvey…sad…

    Safe travels! We are working on memorizing our Judgement House tour guide scripts!


    1. Thank you, Mrs. Pat! Yes, Harvey did some major damage. It’s shocking the amount of water that built up in Houston! We’ve been praying for all the families down there.

      Good luck with your memorization! Judgement House is quite a production.

      Thanks a bunch for your comment!

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