Everybody Needs A Uke

Hey, Folks!

What’s your favorite thing about this week so far?

When we were camping as a family in Texas, I bought a ukelele to use as a small and portable (and adorable!) instrument. I have found it to meet all of those requirements!

I’d love to share a song that I wrote with it, called “Everybody Needs A Uke.”

The song was written in about thirty minutes, because I basically recorded myself playing chords over a drum track and then wrote the words and melody on the fly (with a few retakes).

I hope you like it! (And that it convinces you to buy a ukelele!)

Everybody Needs A Uke


What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Everybody Needs A Uke

  1. Absolutely adorable!! What a voice! You could entertain any age group!!Love you, G’ma

  2. Ellie, I LoVe it!! It brings me joy to know how much the Lord has used the ukelele to enrich your life! I must say, I am quite compelled and intrigued over this instrument! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your gift!

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