The Cummins Go

Howdy, Folks!

Our family is setting off on a huge adventure in a couple of weeks, and I’m absolutely ecstatic.

We’re taking the camper out west and visiting some brilliant places, from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone National Park.

When Dad was my age, his parents took him to Yellowstone. Now, he’s bringing his kids!

I’m letting the pressure go of posting every Wednesday and switching to a spasmodic posting schedule instead. (Isn’t “spasmodic” a fun word?)

I’ll be sharing some photos as we venture into the Wild West, and keep an eye out for any posts Micah does, because he’s the photographer in our family!

We’re thrilled to have the chance to work from the road, so that we can “live” in all sorts of places for the next few weeks.

The next time you hear from me, who knows where I’ll be!

I hope you have a great week,


13 thoughts on “The Cummins Go

  1. What a blessing to be able to go on such an adventure. Have fun. Can’t wait to see the pics of your travels.
    Love to all, Nola

  2. Wow- how fun! Looking forward to seeing your updates and Micah’s photos! Makes me think of other home school families who take their life on the road. Nice thing about it is, as you all know, the home schooling life allows for so many adventures like this! Enjoy😄

  3. Looking forward to the spasmodic posts! It will all be new to me as I’ve never seen these exciting places. Have a great time! Love you.

  4. So excited for you guys….looking forward to seeing some great pictures…Have fun!!

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