Come Home

Dad, Micah and I messed around on some instruments for a little while a couple of  Saturday mornings ago. Micah was learning his pentatonic scales, Dad wanted to play his guitar, and he told me to sing something. So we improvised a song. Here’s how it went down:



For composing our very own song in about fifteen minutes, how did we do? Do you think it went well? Should I still be asking questions? Wasn’t my last post for questions? Is it normal to not be able to stop asking questions?  Am I okay? Should I be worried? How do I stop???????? 🙂


13 thoughts on “Come Home

  1. Ellie & Micah, I love that you love music. The fact that you’re good at it is just a bonus! Let’s jam out some more really soon! (We need to add in a few of the new instruments now. :))

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