A Tree, A Gingerbread House, And A Song

A Tree, A Gingerbread House, And A Song

Hello, dear readers!

How has your December been going? 

This quick and wacky post is composed of a few Christmas-y things I wanted to share, jumbled together in a holly jolly pile of miscellanea.

The Cummins family is enjoying their first real Christmas tree this year. For twenty years, Dad has wanted to put colored lights on our tree; finally, we have a tree downstairs that gets to do the honors!

A Greeting, A Gingerbread House, And A Song
This lovely tree smells wonderful, looks adorable, and, best of all, has colored lights!

I made my first gingerbread house in South Carolina this week, and wanted to share some pictures!

A Greeting, A Gingerbread House, And A Song
Micah made the cute house in the front yard. Tiny gingerbread-house nation!
A Greeting, A Gingerbread House, And A Song
This is my favorite angle of the gingerbread house — yum!

As Promised – The Song

The evocative melody of this song really clicked with me, and I had a great time singing it! While we don’t possess an orchestra, we did find the soundtrack on iTunes, and it worked charmingly. 😉

“Once Upon A December” from “Anastasia.”

I am so thankful for all that God has given me this Christmas – a loving family, many friends, and His Son, who loved me enough to be born as a baby and save me from my sins.

Merry Christmas! I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas yet, and that your holidays are full of joy!

24 thoughts on “A Tree, A Gingerbread House, And A Song

  1. I love your Christmas tree with lights! And this song has been one of my favorites. I love the minor, wistful sound! You have certainly had a great year, Ellie! I think you should have another great year in 2017! Lovepat

    1. Thank you! The little gingerbread people in the photo are there to hold the roof up. Who knew chocolate could be so heavy?! 🙂 Merry Christmas, Megan!

  2. Love you and your family Ellie! It has been a long time since we have seen you! Know your Grandma Susie and Grandpa Ray would have been so proud of you!! We miss them so much!!

  3. Merry Christmas to the Cummins family. You always bring happiness to my heart. I love the memories of your Dad singing, meeting your mom And your birth but it seems we have missed so many years. Ready your blog has reintroduced me to your family. Thank you.

  4. Your voice is lovely, Ellie. I hope you all got our Christmas card. We love you all dearly.

    Great Aunt Kay

  5. Ellie this is beautiful!!! Simply put Amazing!! Miss you and your family! MERRY Christmas from the Hills❤️🎅🏻🌲I love your tree 2

  6. Wow! Such a beautiful song and you have such a sweet voice. The gingerbread house reminds me of one year , when I gave you kids a kit. Give your family a hug for me and tell them Merry Christmas.

    Love, Nola. ( Geandma)

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