Leona – Chapter Nineteen

Hello, Everyone! I’m here with the very last chapter of Leona. Wow. It has gone by so quickly. I’ve had so much fun posting my book over the last few weeks, and I thank you all for your kind and insightful comments! You made posting Leona a delight. 😉 I hope this final chapter resonates with you, and that the book brought you enjoyment! Chapter Nineteen I sat on the porch rail of […]

Leona – Chapter Sixteen

Howdy! How are you enjoying fall? I’m here with the sixteenth installment of Leona. Click here for a list of chapters or to start from the very beginning. I hope you enjoy this week’s chapter! Chapter Sixteen The new year started off, but not well. It began with a dust storm that managed to get through any sliver of crack in the wall. It continued with another cow of ours, […]