The Cummins Go

Howdy, Folks! Our family is setting off on a huge adventure in a couple of weeks, and I’m absolutely ecstatic. We’re taking the camper out west and visiting some brilliant places, from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone National Park. When Dad was my age, his parents took him to Yellowstone. Now, he’s bringing his kids!

Our Trip To Texas

We the Cummins, in order to learn how to fish, do establish that we drove hundreds of miles to Texas and worked, schooled, and lived in a camper for two weeks. Why? To meet Dad’s dear friend, who has known him since he was a munchkin. Why else? As aforementioned, we wanted to learn to fish.

Our Entire Trip In Fifteen Fun Photos

The Cummins family has re-arrived in South Carolina from our almost-four-week camping trip. Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois were some of the states we touched upon, but we spent the majority of our time in Michigan and Minnesota. The trip was such a great experience – we met so many people, and it gave me time to ponder life, faith, and philosophy. We took a bajillion fantastic pictures, but I think I’ll sum up the entire […]

Where’s-It Wednesday

I did a post a few weeks back called “Whatsit Wednesday.” I posted a photo and asked you to guess the object and its importance in the comments section. Today, I’m posting several photos. The goal? To figure out where we are!

Our First Trip In The Camper

This past weekend, the Cummins family took off for King’s Mountain, SC. It was our first real trip in our new-to-us camper, and it rocked. We loved the experience, made a campground friend, and got to explore. Here are some photos of things we did, places we saw, and pretty things along the way.

4th post about France

We loved the beautiful and lush scenery in France, not to mention the baguettes! It was a bit strange when we got back to America to be able to understand people, though! This is an open-air market. There were a lot of booths selling a lot of things! I hope my posts gave you more understanding of France; the food, the scenery, the people, and the culture. I loved our […]

3rd update on France

Hello! We’ve been camping in Cape Cod and got back Saturday. It was a great experience. We got to go biking and kayaking! Here’s the latest on France: For this post, I wanted to show some pictures of buildings in France. They look way different than the buildings here! The architecture in France is really beautiful. The French language is pretty, too. Thanks for reading! Check in for another update.