The Foaming Green Sea

Hello, and Happy Thursday! Here is a poem I wrote. I ended up writing a melody for it, and now it is a song 🙂 I hope you enjoy it, even in its melancholy state, and have a fantastic weekend! What’s your favorite sad song? Bye for now, Ellie 🙂

It Won’t Always Be Night

Hello, and Happy Friday! Here is a song I’ve written. It’s called “It Won’t Always Be Night.” I used GarageBand, and all the instruments except the drums are actually from my keyboard. There’s a guest singer at the end of the song. See if you can guess who it is 😉 I hope this song encourages and inspires you! – Ellie

Come Home

Dad, Micah and I messed around on some instruments for a little while a couple of  Saturday mornings ago. Micah was learning his pentatonic scales, Dad wanted to play his guitar, and he told me to sing something. So we improvised a song. Here’s how it went down:     For composing our very own song in about fifteen minutes, how did we do? Do you think it went well? Should I […]

The Garage Band Post

Dad has taught me how to use Garage Band, a computer app that lets you record and stack voice and instruments. It’s really cool. I have posted two songs, “Washed By The Water,” a song by Needtobreathe, and “Mistake,” a song I wrote.  On both songs, all of the instruments are played from my keyboard except the drums, which is a track. When I press a key on my piano, it changes […]