The Cummins Go

Howdy, Folks! Our family is setting off on a huge adventure in a couple of weeks, and I’m absolutely ecstatic. We’re taking the camper out west and visiting some brilliant places, from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone National Park. When Dad was my age, his parents took him to Yellowstone. Now, he’s bringing his kids!

Judge – A Poem

Hello, Folks! What’s your favorite thing about this week so far? This week, I’d love to share a quick little poem I wrote called “Judge”, which muses on the tendency we humans have to bear a grudge. I hope you find it thought-provoking and enjoyable!

“Campground Quest For A Bathroom” – A Watercolor

Hello, and Happy March! How has your day been going? I decided a few days ago to get back into watercoloring, so I picked a favorite photo out of my album and got to work. Dad took the photo in 2014, when we were on one of our camping-in-a-tent family adventures. Anna and I were in need of a restroom, (which is where the name of my painting materialized from) and […]

Iced Raspberry Green Tea and How To Make It

Howdy, there! How has your day been? It’s a balmy 80 degrees here in South Carolina. Since I’m sitting here in shorts on this February day, I thought a post on iced tea would be apropos. I just discovered this delectable drink yesterday, and the great news is (if it’s late in the afternoon), de-caffeinated green tea works just as well!

“Hope” By Emily Dickinson

Howdy, I hope you’re having a wonderful week! I just came across this poem by Emily Dickinson (literally about three minutes ago). I fell in love with it, and wanted to share it with you! (It’s even better if you read it out loud!)

Who Am I?

What if circumstances truly do alter a person? Do those people change when their situation does? And what if I am not who I want to be? Is there any hope that I can change? And what if I am perceived differently by others than I perceive myself? Which is the real perception?