A Musical Conglomeration {Part I}

Hello, Everyone! How are you? It’s looking like our house has a definite contract, and the signing date is set for April 25 (as of right now). I know it was God’s doing that our house sold so quickly. He has always taken care of us, and I have no doubt that He will continue to do so! I am just thrilled about the move, but I’m also going to miss […]

A Train of Thought

Hi! I’m posting something today that is radically different from most of my posts in the “Writing” category. For this prose I wrote strictly from the inside of a person’s thoughts. There are no conversations or descriptions of appearance. Only thoughts. (The character thinking these thoughts is not real, but being that my only reference as to how people think is through my own mind, some of the character’s thoughts are […]

House Update

Hey, All! I’m here with a quick update on the goings-on in the Cummins household as we are finishing up the final projects before listing our house. If you’d care to browse the photos below, they’ll fill you in a bit on what exactly we’ve been doing around the house. 😀 P.S. Not all of the photos are in order, but they’ll give you the general gist of things. 🙂

The Love I Feel For God

Hey, Everyone! Have you ever found the English language lacking before? Like it just wasn’t deep enough for what you were talking about? As I was trying to describe how I felt about God, I found the word “love” wasn’t enough. It was incomplete. So I decided to specify—with poetry, of course!

A New Chapter

Hey, Folks! How are you? You’ll have to pardon this scatter-brained post – we’ve been painting maniacs for the last couple weeks, and I just can’t seem to get my ducks in a row. (I just love that phrase. Isn’t it hilarious?) It’s funny how closely life aligns with a book. Both have plots; both have conflicts. Some end well; some don’t. The story unfolds, page by page, with heroes, grief, […]

A Little Poetry

A Little Poetry

Hey, Folks! How’s your week going? I wrote a couple of poems and I’d love for you to take a look! Morning Tinted blue, and soft and cold, The sunlight tinged with starry gold, A quiet dawn forever pulled My heart back to the morning.   The Trees Dark, their silhouettes stood out, against impending night, As if, by holding out their arms, they’d snatch the fading light. They longed to […]

Sharpie Art

Sharpie Art

Howdy, all! How is your week going so far? I’m here today with a few works of art I’d love to share! It’s amazing how much creativity can be unleashed with some Sharpies and a few colored-pencils. 😉 Which one do you like best?  Art on, Ellie 🙂



Hi, Folks. How’s your year going so far? I’m here today with a free verse poem called “Light.” 💡 I’d love for you take a peek! Light The selfishness. It scares me as I watch it display itself greedily. No one is noble. The darkness. It blinds me. It closes in, crushing me. I am alone. Empty. Scared. The anger comes, and the horror that I cannot control it. The pain. It […]

What I Learned About Life A 14-Year-Old's Reflection On 2015

What I Learned About Life – A 14-Year-Old’s Reflection On 2015

Hi, Everyone! Are you excited for the New Year? 2016 is coming fast, and it’s thrilling! This past year has been a gigantic year of change for me. After starting high-school and work simultaneously in the fall, life felt as if it hit me all at once. For the first time, I was actually finding myself with a schedule I had to follow! I’d love to share with you the basic things I […]