After A Hitch In The Giddy-Up, We’re On The Road Again

We were driving along in a sleepy little town on Sunday when our truck put up the words “trailer brakes disconnected.” As Dad started pulling off the road, the lady behind us rolled down her window and told us something was smoking. Sure enough, our camper’s wheel bearings burned right off. God caused a lot of kind people to help us, and we ended up getting towed and boon docking […]

Niagara Falls and a Poem

Hi, Folks! How are you? We’re in the truck, driving to Wilmington, New York. I’d love to share a quick free-verse I wrote about a sunset I saw while we were driving through Pennsylvania (before Pennsylvania becomes too far away). There were dark rain clouds contrasting with a glowing sunset. I took a little poetic license to increase the drama. Pennsylvania Sky The world lay sleeping beneath a leaden blanket […]


Hi, Folks, How are you? We embarked yesterday on another Cummins Crew camping adventure! This one’s North-bound, with much cooler temps. We drove eleven and a half hours yesterday, which makes today’s six hour ride seem smooth and breezy. We’re heading to Buffalo, New York, today to see Niagra Falls (I’m writing this in the truck on my handy new WordPress app!) Our family just finished a fascinating tour of […]

A Gratitude Journal and a Challenge

Howdy, there, What are you up to this week? I have something I’d love for you to check out. It’s called “The Five-Minute Journal” and it’s a nifty gratitude journal. You fill out one page a day, for about five minutes in the morning and five minutes before bed. I love the thought-provoking questions it asks, from the morning section, “What Would Make Today Great?” to the before-bed part, “How […]

New York City and the Things We Saw – Week 2

Hi, there! Last week, I posted about the trip to New York City I got to go on with my cousin. This week, I’m adding on a few more! Brooklyn Tabernacle On Sunday, we had a fun time attending Brooklyn Tabernacle. I adored how much singing was involved during the service! Note: This was the first church service I attended where I had to wait in a line down the […]

New York City and the Things We Saw – Week 1

Hello! Over the weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to go to New York City with my cousin, Claire, and her family. It was a celebratory vacation in honor of Claire’s sixteenth birthday, and I loved the adventure of it. From seeing the musical “Wicked” on Broadway to standing in line for a church meeting at Brooklyn Tabernacle, we shared quite a few exciting escapades. If you’re game, I’d love […]

What I Learned From Over 2 Months On The Road

Hey, folks! We’re back from our summer adventure, and boy, what an adventure it was! We drove 10,000+ miles in the truck over the course of 11 weeks, and learned a lot about living in a small space. It wasn’t all a bowl of cherries — there were days where space was tight and we missed our alone time. But we worked through it and it taught us patience. Here […]

Through The Door – An Original Song

Hello! How are you? We’re in Hungry Horse, Montana. This morning, we went horseback riding on a trail ride. (I found the ride rather ironic, because my horse, Waylon, kept eating along the way. Get it — Hungry Horse?) 😀 It was a wonderful experience. I would love to share a song I wrote with you, called “Through The Door.” It was written in the camper using Micah’s guitar, and […]