Les Miserables and My First Car (Two Wildly Exciting, Yet Unrelated Things)

Hello, All! How are you? I’ve had quite an exciting week. Over the weekend, we got to attend Les Miserables with some friends at the Peace Center in Greenville. It was a breathtaking performance. The sets were unbelievable and the scene changes were flawless. I loved it. Since this was an event we got to dress up for, I’d love to share some photos of our spiffy-looking crew! Now, for […]

A Conference Called INBOUND

Howdy, What’ve you been up to? Yesterday, I had the amazing chance to attend my first conference about inbound marketing! It’s called INBOUND17 and roughly 20,000 people have been attending (the conference isn’t over until tomorrow). The atmosphere is almost like a party, with food trucks and adult swings and blaring lights and music. I enjoyed the unique experience and wanted to share some photos! What was one thing that […]

Ten Words A Week – Week 1

Hi, there! What’ve you been up to today? The Cummins kids are in possession of a new learning assignment: to write a list of ten words and their meanings each week. The words can come from things we’ve heard, books we’re reading, and occasionally a dictionary or thesaurus. (I say occasionally because the main point is learning words in the real world.) After the list is amassed, we are expected […]

A Ferry, A Camper, A Family

Hi, there! We rode a ferry over Lake Champlain last Saturday. We started in New York and finished in Grand Isle, Vermont. (I didn’t know until the ferry ride that Vermont owns an island!) From there, we drove into the rest of Vermont by bridge. The ride only lasted fifteen minutes, but it was such fun. The reason I wanted to share is that we took our camper, too! (Which […]