“Campground Quest For A Bathroom” – A Watercolor

Campground Quest For A Bathroom - A Watercolor

Hello, and Happy March!

How has your day been going?

I decided a few days ago to get back into watercoloring, so I picked a favorite photo out of my album and got to work.

Dad took the photo in 2014, when we were on one of our camping-in-a-tent family adventures.

Anna and I were in need of a restroom, (which is where the name of my painting materialized from) and set out on a quest find it. Actually, we knew where it was, but it sounded more adventurous the first way. 😋

I used both tube and box watercolors for the painting and worked in layers, first lightly washing the page in the two main colors of the photo – green for the forest and gray for the road – and then going from light to dark colors. I got the painting sequence idea from a watercolor book Mom and Dad gave me a couple of Christmases ago, The Watercolor Course You’ve Always Wanted, by Leslie Frontz. Of course, when I got to painting my outfit, I abandoned all rules and did my own thing. 😉

I finished “Campground Quest For A Bathroom” yesterday, and wanted to share some photos with you!

Campground Quest For A Bathroom - A Watercolor

Campground Quest For A Bathroom - A Watercolor

Campground Quest For A Bathroom - A Watercolor

"Campground Quest For A Bathroom" - A Watercolor

What was your favorite thing about February?

Have a great week,

6 thoughts on ““Campground Quest For A Bathroom” – A Watercolor

  1. That’s really nice, Ellie. Hmmm… my favorite thing was learning to canter on a horse this month and doing small jumps!

  2. What a good watercolor. You’ve made a memory even more permanent than the photo. February–let’s see–how warm it was. I don’t think I ever saw so many trees bud and bloom in Feb. before.

    1. Thanks, Grandma! Yes, February was balmy and beautiful! The trees did bloom early, didn’t they? They’re lovely. 🙂

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