A Thought On Color

Color. Bright, vibrant color. The universe is full of it. The foamy sea green of churning beach waves. The brilliant scarlet of a rose unfolding. The thick indigo of a night sky.

Somehow, color changes how we see things. Color can give warnings. The gray-green sky of a threatening storm tells you to take shelter. The luminous glow of a flickering fire reminds you that it is hot. Color can give beauty, as well. The rosy glow of a sunset wouldn’t be as pretty without the streaks of red and purple. Life would get a little depressing without the azure of a cloudless sky. Color is a gift from God. A lovely treasure that adds beauty to the world around us. It’s simply amazing how exquisitely hues can vary.







One thought on “A Thought On Color

  1. Today I am focusing on the spring green color of dainty leaf buds contrasted against the bright blue sky that I can see out of the living room window. It gives me spring energy! ~Mom

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