A Rainfall


Hello, and Happy February First!

How is your week going?

Today I have a poem written long ago. Well, about eight months ago, at least.

I found it hiding in the “drafts” section, and decided that it would be brought out at last!

I hope you enjoy it, and that it draws forth intriguing thoughts of your own!

A Rainfall

Ellie Cummins


Throughout the gray, parched field was heard a joyful warning,

Across all that had been for so long dry.

The thick, gray clouds quite frisked across the morning,

Then everything was silent as they looked up to the sky.


All of a start the rain began to fall,

Until at last it dropped with buoyant stead

Along the withered grass that bent to crawl

And ran into the creek like molten lead.


The dripping water drenched with joy so pure,

That all that had been dry filled to the brink.

All the wilted, scorched, and empty filled once more

On the liberated shower sent down for them to drink.


Timid flowers peeped their heads out quite anew

At this heaven sent deliverance – the blissful, blessed dew.


The children and the men all grown both dance

In the torrent as they’ve never danced before

To thank their God; they know it is not chance

That sent the rain to sparkle as it poured.


The rain was sent to ease the sun’s cruel hand

And bring relief to those who longed to drink.

For really, who can save a poor, dry land

More than the God who made it, do you think?

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

One thought on “A Rainfall

  1. Another great poem! Last stanza a great truth. Relief to those who long. Love you, Ellie. G’Ma

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