A Musical Conglomeration {Part III}

A Musical Conglomeration {Part III}

Hello, and Howdy!

How are you?

I’m here with the last track of the conglomeration series.

The other two parts of the series are here and here.

I composed these soundtracks for Anna to write songs to, and welcome you to use any of these tracks to write your own songs!  (If you’d care to share, I’d love to hear what you come up with.) 🙂

Here’s the final track, everyone!

Diverting Ditty


Well, that wraps up my soundtrack series.

Out of all of the tracks, which one is your favorite?

Bye for now,
Ellie 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Musical Conglomeration {Part III}

  1. This one by far is my favorite. Sorry I am not a writer Have Anna write me words to this one, please. Love you ,Grandma

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