A Musical Conglomeration {Part II}

A Musical Conglomeration {Part II}

Howdy, Folks!

How’re you doing?

I’m here with a continuation of my little three-part series, “A Musical Conglomeration.” If you’d like to hear the tunes that debuted in my last post, you can check them out here.

As mentioned in Part I, I made these tracks in Garage Band for my sister, Anna, to write songs to. Everything but the drums (which are a track) comes straight from my piano!

If you’d like to write songs of your own over them, I’d be flat-out honored. (And I’d be ecstatic if you’d care to share them with me!)

Foot-Tapping Tune

Synth Song

Which of the four soundtracks so far is most your style? 

Music on,
Ellie 🙂

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