A Little Poetry

A Little Poetry

Hey, Folks!

How’s your week going?

I wrote a couple of poems and I’d love for you to take a look!


Tinted blue, and soft and cold,

The sunlight tinged with starry gold,

A quiet dawn forever pulled

My heart back to the morning.


The Trees

Dark, their silhouettes stood out, against impending night,

As if, by holding out their arms, they’d snatch the fading light.

They longed to pin the sunlight down, and in their foolish plight,

They thought that they could hold it there, and keep it ever bright.


The luster of the evening came, and loaned a longing fair,

To catch the glowing sunlight and forever hold it there.

But the light must go on dwindling, till the wintered trees are bare,

And the dark must come at last, and the sun provide an heir.


The darkness turned their shadows slurred

And made their waving branches blurred

And then the midnight wind was heard

Blowing through the branches.


For the light must fade until the day

The darkness will be sent away,

And then the world will laugh and play

In the light of the Creator.


What did you think? I love hearing from you!

Thanks for reading,

6 thoughts on “A Little Poetry

  1. Ellie, I feel as if I just pulled a poetry book off the shelf and started reading from a famous poet’s works. These are such high quality poems with so many literary devices employed! Great work. Sweetheart! Keep poeticizing (I think I just made up a word for our writing vernacular hee-hee) 😉
    ~Love, Mom

    1. Wow. That’s such a lovely compliment, Mom. Thanks!! I confess that I had to look up the word “vernacular,” but I definitely think poeticizing is a terrific word, and I’ll keep at it. Thanks for all the encouragement. You’re amazing. Love you! 😉

  2. Ellie-these poems are so good. I agree with your mom that I could have been reading a poetry book off the shelf but these are special. I see promises of a great writer here!!! Love you, G’Ma

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