A Conference Called INBOUND


What’ve you been up to?

Yesterday, I had the amazing chance to attend my first conference about inbound marketing! It’s called INBOUND17 and roughly 20,000 people have been attending (the conference isn’t over until tomorrow).

The atmosphere is almost like a party, with food trucks and adult swings and blaring lights and music.

I enjoyed the unique experience and wanted to share some photos!

What was one thing that stood out to you this week?

2 thoughts on “A Conference Called INBOUND

    1. Hi, Ethan.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Inbound marketing is all about giving people stuff that’s helpful and relevant to them, instead of using annoying methods like commercials and junk mail.

      It focuses on writing content that solves people’s problems. That way, when they search the internet for a solution, they find your article and discover your company.

      Inbound marketing also has to do with SEO, which is like making sure Google knows what questions your article answers so it can help more people find it.

      Lastly, inbound is about sharing your articles on social media. It’s basically the opposite of traditional advertising, because it focuses on helping your customer solve their problems.

      Does that help? 😊

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