A Collection of Paintings :)

This is an art post. I’m doing it for my cousin Claire, who asked to see some of my artwork. Hi, Claire! Not all of these paintings are recent, but they have all been done since last summer. The top one has a funny story. I wanted to paint something kind of depressing, so I painted a ragged man, walking in the snow, leaving footprints spattered with red. But it seemed so desolate and aimless, that person by person, I kept adding a family. Then I added the sunlight to make it a little more hopeful. I still didn’t know what they were walking to, so I drew a farmstead. I think the painting  is now complete 🙂 About half of the paintings use a paint splatter technique that I really like. All the paintings are water color, and a few have some details in marker. (You can double click on the photos to make them larger.)


This painting is called “Not Alone.” The people are slightly impressionistic.
I painted this in the summer of 2014. I actually ended up winning the library’s art contest! (It was just a casual deal.)
I used one of my Willow Tree figurines as a model for this painting. I was practicing a paint spatter technique.
This is a random girl I drew. She ended up looking kind of like Anna or me  🙂
These are paintings of girls playing in a field of flowers. I used a paint splatter technique for the flowers.
I did this painting a little before Christmas. Hence the bare trees. And the snow.


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  1. These are all lovely! I love the Not Alone one.. very cool. And the girls in fields of flowers are very cheery to look at now! I am wondering if you are learning painting techniques online? Love, Mrs. K.

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