A Christmas Post – in February.

This post has been a while in coming. A long while. This post is about Christmas, and I’m posting this post in February. Like I said – it’s been a while.

Anyway, I thought the Christmas decorations we had were really cute, and decided that, even though it’s February (not December), I would post this post that has been waiting to be posted. Quiz: How many times have I said post in this post?

My decorative stash :)
My decorative stash 🙂


Fluffin' up the tree
Fluffin’ up the tree


Doo dee daa :)
Doo dee daa 🙂


Puttin' lights on my tree...
Puttin’ lights on my tree…


Lights, camera, action!
Lights, camera, action!


Mom helped me with the bow!
Mom helped me with the bow!


Day 2 - decoration!
Day 2 – decoration!


Bough wow!
Bough wow!


Anna's tree!
Anna’s tree!


Micah's tree!
Micah’s tree!


My snow-globe collection!
My snow-globe collection!


Micah's nut-cracker collection!
Micah’s nut-cracker collection!

One thought on “A Christmas Post – in February.

  1. Very nice tree! Snow globes are cool, I must get one for next Christmas. I like Micah’s nutcracker collection. We have three large ones. Love, Mrs. K.

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