More To A Girl Than A Mirror – A Song

Hello! How are you? I wrote a song this week that I would absolutely love to share with you. It’s called “More To A Girl Than A Mirror” or “Mirrors,” depending on if you want a mouthful or not. This song was one of my first attempts at a broadway-type song, with wacky chords and a wide melody range. I had a ton of fun writing it, and even made a […]

Everybody Needs A Uke

Hey, Folks! What’s your favorite thing about this week so far? When we were camping as a family in Texas, I bought a ukelele to use as a small and portable (and adorable!) instrument. I have found it to meet all of those requirements! I’d love to share a song that I wrote with it, called “Everybody Needs A Uke.” The song was written in about thirty minutes, because I basically recorded […]

A Musical Conglomeration {Part II}

Howdy, Folks! How’re you doing? I’m here with a continuation of my little three-part series, “A Musical Conglomeration.” If you’d like to hear the tunes that debuted in my last post, you can check them out here. As mentioned in Part I, I made these tracks in Garage Band for my sister, Anna, to write songs to. Everything but the drums (which are a track) comes straight from my piano!